Thursday, November 18, 2010

Berdiri tegak dan perasan cantik.

Stand up for who you are. Fall for idiots that you thought he's the one. Laugh until you choked to death. Eat as much as you can even they might call you a monster. Sing like a diva in a bathroom. Sleep over eight hours because you think it is secret of youth. Lie when you think it might make others better. While you are driving, open windows and scream-out-loud. Cook for someone special even it's just maggie mee. Play hide-and-seek with kids in your neighbourhood. Chocolates will always be the best therapy when you get dumped. Lovestory isn't exist until you realized it's based on true story. Wear red shoes. Use passion-red lipstick. It is enough to have understandable person surrounds you. Don't ever forget that you are fabulous and hey! I'm Scheyra. At the age of twenty-one, I'm just a beginner ; )

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